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Whether this is your first project as an independent artist or you’re an organization looking to create authentic, community centered programming- let’s collaborate to bring your visions and projects to life.

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A Virtual Team-Building Workshop

Collaboration happens at the speed of TRUST. How fast can your team get to trust to maximize impact? Join us for a FUN, professional development workshop that invites you to be the champion of your own story in order to champion the stories of others. Using improv- and theater-based exercises, you’ll be encouraged to bring your full selves to the table as you explore the fundamentals of what it means to work as an ensemble. We’ll dive into team objectives (what you want), obstacles (what’s stopping you from getting what you want), and tactics (how you maneuver around obstacles to get what you want). In a socially distant world, ensure your team has the tools to succeed and the empathy to invest in each other's stories. 

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Fostering Belonging

Organizational Accountability Consulting 

Want to lead your organization towards equitable change but don’t know where to start? Using our multi-phase, data-driven accountability plan, we will work with you to create systemic transformation within your organization. We’ll help you establish and implement impact goals that are community created and upheld. From there, we will employ inclusive techniques to achieve them. Together, we’ll build a world where all are honored in exploring their fullest potential and belonging. 

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Do the Dang Thang

Producing Coaching

Want to bring your dream project to life? I create systems of success and accountability for the creative entrepreneur.  


Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation and we’ll customize a process that will set you and your project(s) up for success. 


I will walk you step-by-step through creating pre-production, production, and post production processes that align with your personality and impact goals. Get access to my exclusive producing templates that include budgets, project outlines, and calendars (fundraising, production, marketing). During our time together, you will hone the skills you need to confidently create on your own and DO THE DANG THANG! 

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Jenny Boissiere

 Artistic Director 


As an independent choreographer,

I knew I wanted to produce an immersive performance, but had no idea how to get there. Nikko actively listens to me and helped me put into words what I wanted to create

(so that grantors and funders were on board). He helped me bring my why to life and into the community. 


Nikko was instrumental in helping me brainstorm, concept, and draft two successful grant proposals, resulting in $10,000 worth of awarded grants and $5,000 in fundraising. Once the funding was secured, his guidance helped me to build out an actionable production process so that I could concentrate on

what I love

- choreography!

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 4.01.29 PM.png

Jason Sparks

Executive Director

FOSTERS Theatrical Artist Residency 

Nikko has played an integral role in growing Fosters from its inception to full season planning. His guidance is steeped in an incredible amount of experience, and is offered through an artistic lens that makes his counsel unique to the needs of our institution. Plus- he'll have you laughing out loud and smiling your way

through every meeting


Lexi Bakkar

Youth Programs Coordinator

Sonoma Community Center 

I could not have created this curriculum without Nikko’s guidance. His experience, creativity and passion for equitable arts education makes him imperative to the success of arts integrated programming. Every organization could use Nikko’s input. Plus, he is so fun to work with!

Kimzin Creative LLC 
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